■結果 [Results summary]

code type 時間[sec]
multiprocessing (4core) 2.09 <-(new)
itertools使用 (no1) 8.18
range記述 (no2) 7.93
xrange記述 (no3) 7.89
ループ内周でnumpy使用 (no4) 78.46

We examined the speedup of the previous Coulomb force calculation part. As a result, more fast results calculation was using a simple double loop. In this time, I will try speeding up by multiprocessing parallel processing of this Coulomb force calculation part.

The code you created is below. The result is 2.09 [sec]. Since core used is 4 thread specification, processing in 4 processes was done. Considering that the last processing time was about 8 seconds, the result was 1/4 as ideal.


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