HOGDescriptorは被探索画像を64 * 128 などの単位でスキャンし、8 * 8などのピクセルを移動させてHOG特徴量の抽出を行う。HOG特徴量は領域内の勾配方向ごとの勾配強度を計算してそれをヒストグラムにしたものらしい。画像中の輝度変化を抽出していることになる。



HOGDescriptor_getDefaultPeopleDetector input


HOGDescriptor_getDefaultPeopleDetector input


HOG Descriptor scans the search image by units such as 64 x 128, moves pixels such as 8 x 8, and extracts the HOG feature amount. It seems that the HOG feature quantity is calculated by calculating the gradient strength for each gradient direction in the region and making it a histogram. The luminance change in the image is extracted.

SVM is a classifier that classifies incorrect answers or incorrect answers. Learn the data of the correct label and the data of the incorrect label from the large amount of data and the set of labels and draw the boundary line between the correct answer and incorrect answer.
Opencv is already shipped with a learned person identifier, and try to detect people using it.

Results:Detection is insufficient, but it seems that it is functioning for the time being. In this time, we tried getDefaultPeopleDetector on human recognition device of opencv and recognition device called getDaimlerPeopleDetector is bundled. I will experiment about this next time.


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